- is positioned nationally and internationally with its comprehensive range of LED technology and related accessories. Many of our products are developed in collaboration with internal company engineers and competent partner companies themselves, foreign developments, we take into our range only technological testing and acceptance procedures by us.

The manufacture of our products are sold exclusively in cooperation with tested and trusted company with international quality management standards ISO 9001:2008. Our products are own brands with CE and RoHS directives in accordance produced and signed.

We are constantly evolving, because we have the best conditions in order to respond efficiently and quickly to the constantly evolving market demands.

Even today, we are able to meet the most demanding needs of our customers at the highest level of quality.

All the products you see on our website are available in a timely manner, so you benefit from our numerous offerings and your customers can always provide a current assortment.

So we offer you:

• high-quality, CE and RoHS- certified products

• a needs-based range

• adequate prices

• Flexibility and reliability in the supply

• a competent customer service

We are happy to hearing from you, thank you in advance for their trust and interest in our products and look forward to a successful cooperation.